Interior Design & Remodeling

Collaborate with interior design and contracting specialists who modify and update your existing home to seamlessly introduce accessibility features specific to your unique wants or needs.

Barrier-free entries and walkways

Ease navigating throughout your home by removing pinch-points and thresholds. A universally designed space allows freedom of mobility to all occupants and guests.
Women in wheelchair at the entrance to her kitchen

Accessible kitchens & baths

Thoughtfully designed kitchens and bathrooms consider comfort and ease of access to cabinets, counters, appliances, and storage. Safe, durable surfaces + accessible hardware & fixtures ensure homeowners have complete use of kitchens and bathrooms.
Woman in wheelchair talking on the phone in the kitchen

Ramps, lifts, & elevators

Exterior and interior ramps, lifts, and elevators allow homeowners access to the entire residence without limitation.
Backyard patio with table and chairs