Find the perfect condo or home to fully-renovate for form and function to meet your current or future mobility needs.


Condos are an excellent option for barrier-free and accessible living.
From large luxury condos, to buildings complete with amenities and activities, and age-restricted developments, there are a variety of options to find a space that meets all your lifestyle needs.
Looking up at a white, modern apartment building

Villas & Bungalows

Villas are attached properties that Some are set-up as condominums with benefits of landscaping, snow clearing, and in some cases common amenity spaces. They're particularly great for snowbirds! Several villa developments in the City have no fees and are not condominiumized.

Small brick bungalow facing the street

Lane Homes & Basement Suites

Lane Homes or Carriage Suites are typically built above a detached garage, creating a 1 or 2 bedroom independent living space. They're excellent for multi-generational households, supplemental income (rental), or live-in care. Same goes for adding secondary suites in basements.
Backyard garden homes are secondary dwellings which offer barrier-free access.
Bed with built in shelving behind