What is Accessible Living

What is accessible home design?


The way we live is changing. As a result, the environments where we eat, play and rest need to be flexible, not static spaces. Our homes should be designed such that they can adapt for every phase of our lives; equipped to accommodate our ever-evolving lifestyle and mobility needs.


Adaptable Living focuses on creating homes that are safe, comfortable, and beautiful by eliminating barriers to facilitate freedom of movement for people with varying disabilities or mobility requirements.


Bringing true accessibility home


Accessible design is informed by Universal Design principles which are inherently inclusive; they anticipate the needs and spatial demand changes for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or circumstance. Wider doors, for example, are essential for wheelchair access but they also provide autonomy and comfort for parents with strollers and individuals carrying bulky packages. 


No matter your level of ability and physical health, at some point in your life you may need certain accommodations to move comfortably inside your home. Universally accessible spaces are created with intent for everyone—parents with a visually impaired child, a teenager with a sports injury, a middle-aged adult with back problems, an active senior wishing to age in place or any individual with temporary or long-term cognitive, sensory or mobility issues.


Designing for accessibility does not sacrifice style


When accessibility is at the core of the design process , the result is an innovative design that flawlessly combines function and style. Accessible features are thoughtfully integrated to blend seamlessly into the home, so your living space reflects your personal style and taste. The aesthetic feels anything but clinical. 


Washrooms can be outfitted with beautifully tiled wet rooms that include a spacious roll-in shower for wheelchair users to use independently. Bath time for young children (and adults) remains a relaxing spa-like experience with tasteful grab bars and slip-free access in and out. An added bonus — clean-up is a breeze with expansive, easy wipe-down surfaces. 


Kitchens become accessible by installing adjustable cupboards that provide easy access to what can be otherwise unreachable upper cupboards. Multi-height counters allow the whole family to meal prep and cook together comfortably. All in a space that still incorporates stylish and modern materials.


 Live on your own terms

Imagine your home as not only a beautiful space, but a safe and functional environment that supports your mental and physical well-being. By using Universal Design principles, we make your home a place that you and your family can grow into long-term. Whether you’d prefer to age in-place or move to a new home, what’s important is that you live to your full potential in a home that maintains your independence, dignity and wellness.


Our focus at Adaptable Living is you. It all begins with a consultation, a one-to-one conversation with Marti Bogue — an experienced realtor with CHARLES Real Estate and certified age-in-place specialist—where we discuss and learn about your specific needs within the home. Together, we’ll determine the best solution to find, build or renovate your future adaptable home.

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